The Antiwar Comic: The 1812 Overkill

The history of warhawks in the U.S. goes back a lot further than most people think.


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One thought on “The Antiwar Comic: The 1812 Overkill”

  1. stefanos


    when are you going to stop interrupting your interesting, informed guests to go off on your stupid little rants? you really hv got to grow up, man. you know a lot but you constantly, irritatingly, disrespectfully interrupt ron paul, phil giraldi, margolies, even pepe–an entire bunch of guys well-chosen but much better informed from the field than maybe you are–and they politely wait for you to finish your often long, run-on, off-point, babbling little spiels that sometimes contribute but often just detract from the “conversation,” which you really grab like a little kid after candy. pls, pls, put up a sign in front of your face that says: “ask good questions–don’t interrupt guests–insert comments politely–but SHUT UP & LET GUESTS FINISH THEIR POINTS & THOUGHTS.

    your manners are awful but you’re one of the best games in town so i guess that’s why they put up with you. we’re there to listen to guests not to hear your (often cogent and informed) interruptions and childish rants.

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