Sometimes I’m Not So Polite

by | Dec 29, 2007 | Stress Blog | 6 comments

Dear “True American,” my responses below…

True American has an inquiry…here are the results!
First off, I’m going to use the smallest words possible so that you dults can understand.

–Are you going to spell them right?

It’s people like you that are going to bring this nation down.

–No, it’s aggressive war, ignoring of the Constitution and deficit spending that are bringing this nation down.

It’s very easy to complain about and blame everything on the President and/or Govt.

–You’re right, it is. Especially since so many things are their fault.

“So-called terrorism”…the fact that you used those words you should be shot.

–Who are you quoting?

What are you thinking?

–That this is the dumbest letter we’ve received in a while.

Does suicide bombing fall under freedom of speech in your eyes?

–What are you talking about?

True, the Iraq deal is ugly but it’s right.

–Ha! Nice argument. You get a D+.

Iran is, FOR A FACT, supplying weapons to the insurgents that they are also supplying.

–You cannot cite any PROOF of that “fact.” I, on the other hand can prove in spades that the Iranians are backing the SAME factions the U.S. is backing. For example:

And on Iran, you can sleep at night knowing that a leader of a country like that is hanging teenage girls from a crane in the capitol as punishment for letting herself get raped?

–Oh, give me a break. Like you’re doing anything about it. There are innocent people in American prisons right now and you don’t really care about them either Mr. Big Hearted Humanitarian warmonger.

I’m sorry that my President and troops are trying to make the rest of the world a better place.

–You should be sorry that your support for your president has gotten hundreds of thousands of people killed including thousands of those troops, hundreds of thousands more maimed, created 5 Million refugees, spread bin Ladenism throughout the Middle East and Asia, wasted hundreds of billions of dollars and made America look like the damn Russians in the eyes of the world, jerk.

You ignorant fools should leave this country if you hate it so much.

–You should move to the Old World if you want to live in a mighty empire so badly. This is America. The land of liberty. A limited constitutional federal republic. We are the patriots, not you.

My lunch is over, I’m out of here.

–You should have spent it reading something rather than wasting my time repeating the vacuous slogans you heard on the radio.

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