Someone kill poor Arthur

by | Feb 9, 2007 | Stress Blog | 1 comment

Man, if I’d had time to think for a damn minute, the news that the U.S. Imperial Forces are setting up a new “African Command” may have caused me to say something like this:

Just kill me.”

Man. I feel ya. More Arthur:

“Peace and security.”

“Development, health, education, democracy and economic growth.”

Visions of Paradise ecstatically dance in my head. Oh, just a moment here. Wait a minute…wait…

You just knew this was coming:

Washington is also keen to foster stability on the continent with an eye to Africa’s oil reserves which could provide an alternative to Middle Eastern oil.

I bet you want me to kill you now. No way, my friend. If I have to slog through all this, so do you.

I’ll be here man. ‘Till they bomb Iran anyway, then I think I might want to just get the fuck out of here. I’ll let you know when I find libertarian paradise.

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