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Iraq War,

Just quick thing,
Instead of bashing the United States for being in the war for what ever reason.
You people should really be supporting the troops we have over there now.

The lost of lives is always a great lost, but what people aren’t seeing and by creating sites that are so called ‘antiwar’ do nothing to help our troops.  You bring down moral and tear our country apart, making it weak and defenseless.  The war for what ever reason for it started for what anyone believes, has started and that can’t be changed.  But the fact is we do have troops still over there and for good reason.  We have people still enlisting because of the causes we are fighting for.
Has anyone on this site, actually been on a military post? Because if you have been, you would notice something.  You would see that many of the people that have been sent over seas to Iraq and near surrounding areas and have returned, see a great change in the people of there and in themselves.  (And I don’t mean the fact more people are deadly and using guns, more deaths and killing others. )They notice how much good we are doing over there.  They have been released and given a chance to restart their country.  The influence of the troops and the war’s own turn are showing a great and wonderful change.  The troops have great influence and if you see some of the pictures of children coming out and thanking the troops there.  The people over there are risking their lives and saving many, many of our own.

Support the troops instead of creating bashing sites that are ‘antiwar’ trying to get us out of something we are already in.  If there was a reason for going to war, there is a reason, whether or not people agree with it or not.

Who cares what it costs, because everything costs something.  Taxes our taxes, so what if they raise, everything raises in life, prices for everything.  Its part of living in America.


I’m sorry, I’m afraid I just don’t understand. How can it be “supporting” the troops to give consent for the politicians to stop-loss (conscript) them to start wars, occupy other people’s countries, and then abandon them when there 3 tours are up?

This administration has neglected the soldiers at Walter Reed and refused to allocate more money to the VA which is completely overwhelmed nation-wide. Iraq War II veterans are already homeless on our streets. Veteran suicide rates are at all time highs, men and women with brain injuries from concussion and shell shock (PTSD) from the things they’ve seen are being turned away from their promised government health care by the thousands.

4,000 American soldiers have been killed, tens of thousands have suffered grave injuries. Families and businesses have been destroyed.
And you are shaming us for not supporting the war, because somehow our insistence that U.S. soldiers, sailors and marines stay here to protect America instead of going around the world acting like the British is letting them down?

Not sure what you mean.

You say there is a “good reason,” for all this but you don’t say what it is. Could you please be a little bit more specific? Can you be more specific?

And don’t say that you support the war but not the way the government abandons the soldiers when they get home. You bought the war. It’s a package deal. Killing and then betrayal.

And the Iraqis have been “released” to “start their country again”? Ha!

A million of them have died violently since 2003. A million (And never-you-mind that the U.S. supported Saddam Hussein from 1958 through 1990, when he butchered all those people he butchered). The Shia Arabs have now ethnically “cleansed” Baghdad of Sunni, the Sunni have killed and kicked the Shia out of Anbar and the Kurds are kicking both Sunni and Shia Arabs out of Kirkuk in the North. This war has handed the South to Iran, our allies in the Kurdish north are at war with our allies the Turks on the northern border and the “government” of Iraq controls the tiny little “Green Zone” in the center of town.

The Mahdi Army, Badr Brigades and “Concerned Local Citizens” (known as recently as 6 months ago as the “evil dead-ender Saddamist al-Qaeda terrorist insurgency”) are killing each other by the score every day with much worse to come.

While you’re still getting your information from the slogans chanted back in 2003, a lot of things have happened in the world.

We will continue to support the troops by insisting that they and our empire come home immediately rather than sacrificing them to the vanities of the neoconservative War Party and the manufacturing firms that fund their fancy think tanks.

Scott Horton

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