Scott Horton: Coward

by | May 8, 2007 | Stress Blog | 30 comments

Not the other Scott Horton (That guy is a freaking hero.), me.

So it’s a couple minutes before the show, I realize that I’m out of coffee so I run next door to the Quick-E-Mart to get a refill. I walk into the store, get about half way to the coffee pot and look up and there’s two guys behind the counter stomping and beating (one of them with a stick) the old man who works there — one of the friendliest people I know (You know how Hindi speakers kind of sing everything they say? He’s like that. Salt of the fucking earth, this guy.).

So it occurs to me that I’m standing in the middle of a robbery. That the thing being stomped on back there is my friend the old man. What did I do? Ran back next door to call the goddamn government.

They take off, I give description of the car, run back to the Quick-E-Mart to find the old man covered in blood, the cops and ambulance show up etc.

Here’s the really humiliating part. Turns out from the 2nd witness who saw them run out and from the owner’s son-in-law who saw the tape that one of them was a girl!

Ah fuck. So now I left my friend the old man there getting beaten and it was only one guy. Hell, I might have gotten my ass kicked too, but certainly not worse than my friend the old man.

Anyway, he’s alright and everything (they say), but man I’m going to start taking Muay Thai again.

If it had been Derek, he would have kicked ass.

So there you go. Don’t any of you count on me for anything.

Update: So I go back and now I realize there was a goddamn metal pole of jerky right there. Fuck!

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