Sanger Concedes He’s Been Lying on North Korean Uranium Effort

by | Mar 1, 2007 | Stress Blog | 4 comments

After telling pure lies all these years, that neo-crazy media sycophant, David E. Sanger, New York Times mouthpiece of the Bush administration, finally concedes that he and his masters have been deceiving the American people in order to provoke conflict. “I’m a liar,” right there in the headline:

March 1, 2007
U.S. Concedes Uncertainty on North Korean Uranium Effort

Both Sanger and his sources now admit to having been lying all this time. But Sanger, that piece of shit, can’t admit the truth without telling another lie in the first sentence!

WASHINGTON, Feb. 28 — Last October, the North Koreans tested their first nuclear device, the fruition of decades of work to make a weapon out of plutonium.

You see, when Bush took office, North Korea had a deal with the last Imperial President still in effect. Bush, with the help of aforementioned steaming piece of crap Sanger, pushed the lie that the DPRK had a secret uranium enrichment program which if true would have been a violation of the Agreed Framework, but since it was pure make-believe, wasn’t a violation of anything. Bush then – in 2002 – unilaterally abrogated the deal with the DPRK leading to their withdrawal from the NPT and, only then, their harvesting of plutonium to make bombs.

Under the new deal, they get even more welfare than they did under the old one.

We hate you David Sanger. You are a very contemptible human being. History will record what a tool you were. You and Walter Duranty.

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