Everything’s Gonna Turn Out Fine

by | Dec 7, 2005 | Stress Blog | 1 comment

While reading Justin Raimondo’s excellent biography of Murray N. Rothbard, I came across a great bit he had about the ultimate victory of liberty – and I don’t mean it in the “you can’t stop the expansion of our government” sense that our great leader employs in his embedded war speeches. In fact it was quite the opposite situation.

In 1955, while confronting the suicidal call of an ex-communist named Willi Schlamm to instigate a nuclear war with the Soviets and Chinese, Rothbard employed a question that Raimondo says he commonly asked in his columns in a magazine called Faith and Freedom:

Why do the pro-war conservatives, supposedly dedicated to the superiority of capitalism over Communism, by thirsting for an immediate showdown, implicitly grant that time is on the side of the Communist system?

This is a great question (or a variation of one) for those who promote endless war for the purpose of spreading that which is presumed to be inherent in all men, and a great reminder for those of us who love liberty that in the end, the leviathan which threatens us is as doomed as the slave system it was created to “defend against.”

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