Ron Paul on CNN

He did great just now.

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  1. Antiwar Aficionado

    I just got back from the gym where I had the misfortune to watch Chris Matthews. I can’t believe that knucklehead just said that Barack Obama was the only antiwar candidate running for the presidency. Did he not catch the two big stories to come from the last two Presidential candidate debates – you know, Ron Paul and Mike Gravel, both of whom espouse antiwar positions. Has he forgotten about Dennis Kucinich? Any of those three candidates is a bona fide antiwar candidate who will get our soldiers out of Iraq and keep them from starting a war with Iran.

    The same cannot be said of Obama. Unfortunately many of Chris Matthews’ viewers will never know any better. Chris Matthews’ guests’ apparently didn’t either. And in the end too many voters will go to the voting booth in primary election and cast a ballot for a candidate who favors keeping “all options” – even nukes – “on the table” when it comes to Iran.

  2. Ken

    Words of Wisdom from the Mace Man:

    “…In the end there are Conspiracies; and Conspiracies. The issue at hand is to be able to discern the Art Bell variety, from that of William Casey…No mean task…Especially when you consider every effort delegated by The Overlords to the plethora of Media outlets they own and control. The purpose of which, is [sic] to keep you in the dark, and feed you a steady diet of shit…You will of course Gentlemen, pardon my usual Okie vulgarity.”

    Matthews is a shill for the powers that be, that is why he has his job. They are erasing all of the true antiwar candidates from the political equation and most Americans are either too dumb or distracted to realize it.

    Why do you think that Obama and Hillary flipped on their votes for the war funding?

  3. phil

    Matthews, the phony rebel, sounds more and more “mainstream” and is looking more and more Bilderberg-ish by the day. Don’t be surprised to see him on hte guest list in the next few years.

  4. mike in st. lucia

    Scott, Congratulations are in order to you. I hope you are aware that you, Scott Horton, appear to have played a direct role in the ongoing presidedntial debate. It seems that Ron Paul’s talking point about Wolfowitz, confirming his point about U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia, was taken directly from your blog. This is confirmed in the article by Patrick Foy on this morning. Must be a good feeling.

  5. mike in st. lucia

    Scott, I just listened to an interview you did with Judge Jim Gray in May 2004. Did he win his bid for the California Senate? What’s he doing now? He wouldn’t be too bad on the Ron Paul ticket.

  6. Mace Price

    …The more TV exposure Congressman Paul is allotted; the stronger and better known he will become. Unfortunately; for us anyway, the opposite is just as true…I mean, if you guys want to talk about a modern day David and Goliath?—Here they are.

  7. Tim

    He’s great. I’d vote for him. How he keeps his cool when dealing with thick-as-a-brick rivals and entrapment questioning from the media is amazing. I’d want to clobber them. Did you see that “I gotcha” look on the mouth’s face when he delivered that “are you an isolationist?” question. Paul comes back with the “no, i’m a non-interventionist” line, it’s good but it doesn’t have gut level impact.

    Maybe he should try out “…we’ve been in the save-the-world business since 1942. We weren’t always in it. It’s cost us X thousand lives and XXX trillion dollars. And where’s it got us? Record trade and budget deficits, record debt, a falling comparative standard of living, record low levels of international popularity, a constitution treated like it’s an optional extra, the worst attacks on our homeland since 1812 and a world as screwed up as it has ever been. The main winner has been the power of the Presidency and the Belt Way. The losers, taxpayers, ordinary soldiers, civilian casualties overseas and local governments at home. Surely it’s time to try something different.”

    It’d be great if the current Ron Paul upsurge became a tidal wave. But at the very least, it may enbolden some Democratic contenders to stop paying lip service to the anti-war vote.

  8. Ken

    The Foy article was good, especially the section about Robert Baer and his statement back in 2002: ‘The US is in no position to rejigger [Iraq] because we don’t understand anything about the country.’ It has long been my contention that the Invasion of Iraq was the beginning of a plan to disrupt the entire Middle East and start a program of genocide against the established Arab/Muslim tribes and their political structures. Spreading “democracy” and finding WMD’s had nothing at all to do with any of it. Those lies were just pretexts for the initial invasion.

    Unfortunately, a la the Matthews statement from above, the American media works on the “squeaky wheel gets the grease” principle and the knotheads and know-nothings get most of the face time. Anyone speaking some sense is quckly ignored. Did you see how quicky they ended the CNN interview when RP was on a roll at the end? RP: “We can’t force our way on others at the point of a gun…” Whoops, we can’t give anyone time to think about that one, cut him off…!

    I did not see the Matthews piece but if he did indeed say that Obama was the only antiwar candidate then that is very disturbing. If he gets the Dem nomination guess who is going to be his VP?

  9. Mace Price

    …If “Osama Bama” as Rushton Limbaugh calls him—and with impunity no less—is the only anti-War candidate in ’08? Then I’m in reality The Prince of Wales by day, and King Kong by night. In fact this entire, early commencement of The Presidential campaigns for ’08 is nothing short of dumbed down half truths and outright mendacity…The functionaries of US Foreign Policy have—as I wrote in March ’03—now crossed the Rubicon that was The Kuwaiti Border. And in the prophetic sense of Julius Caesar there will, I’m afraid, be no turning back. His actual words to his Legates are said to have been: “Once across this stream, and the issue will then rest with the sword.” The Newspapers and Media can lie on and on—That’s what they’re for frankly. But the truth of this debacle is becoming increasingly obvious. Politically, it’s not impossible that this country could come to resemble France in the wake of the 1962 withdrawal of Military forces from Algeria.

  10. Grape Ape

    D*mn, the hairdo (Rick Sanchez) is a f’ing idiot. Where does the shill-based community find these empty heads? This idiot’s stupid questions and labeling Ron Paul an isolationist and the clips of Bush spouting the most stupid statements only verifies that we are living in Bizarro World. This is so absurd it would be funny if the consequences weren’t tragic.

  11. Oscar Goldman

    Ron Paul KBed and TNed on this one. He’s just warming, up, though. Expect greater things to come.

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