Ron Paul: By Far the Best Choice

by | Jan 17, 2008 | Stress Blog | 18 comments

Rep. Ron Paul M.D. of Texas is the best choice for Republicans (and all Americans) this presidential primary season.

He’s right on the following issues: natural rights, aggressive war, entangling alliances, terrorism, torture, the Bill of Rights, race, internal passports, paper money, American independence, taxes, spending, guns, the separation of powers, federalism, property rights, the environment, regulation, free trade, corporate welfare, healthcare and the drug wars.

Plus he’s a great guy. A veritable Thomas Jefferson or Mr. Smith goes to Washington, the lobbyists don’t even bother dropping by his office as he simply refuses to exercise the power they wish to bribe. He won’t accept his congressional pension and is preparing right now to return tens of thousands of dollars of his congressional budget to the U.S. treasury (as he does every year). He has never voted himself a pay raise (not even by technicality like the rest do) or taken a tax payer-funded junket. Unafraid to stand alone against the entire congress, the only time he ever votes in violation of the Constitution is to protect the Social Security money from being spent in the general fund.

As a youth, Paul was a track and baseball star who married his high school sweetheart — an oath he’s kept for over 50 years. He is the father of five, the grandfather of 18 and great-grandfather of one. As a young doctor he worked in a church hospital and then served as a captain and flight surgeon in the Air Force in the early sixties. He made his career as an obstetrician, delivering over 4,000 babies. A devoted student of Ludwig von Mises and author of four books on the subject of free markets in his own right, Paul could easily be considered a Doctor of capitalism as well.

True story: He first decided to go into politics in order to try save freedom from Richard Nixon’s wage and price controls and abandonment of the gold standard for the American dollar.

A reporter recently demanded of Paul, “Why are you running for president?”

He shot back in half a beat, “Because I want to restore the Republic.”

This wasn’t a line. He really meant it.

On the other hand,

Romney is the former socialist-healthcare governor of Massachusetts. He is the worst tradition of Rockefeller Republicanism with focus-grouped scripts of Reaganesque bullshit. He has changed his position on every single issue that exists in the world at least once.

McCain’s tortured brain holds as high principles perpetual American military domination of the world and mandatory collectivist servitude to the state by all. Though he claims to be a straight shooter, when he tells the truth about what he has in store for us, he must justify it with lies.

Giuliani is a cousin-fucking, gun grabbing, liberty-hating abortion provider who gladly knows nothing about anything but that he ought to be the boss of everyone. His advisers are all criminals and lunatics and his wife used to torture and murder innocent little puppy dogs for a living. His own children won’t speak to him.

Huckabee is a cross between Hillary Clinton and Mullah Omar.

Thompson is Fred Thompson. Can’t really say much about the man but that he’s a warmonger with no understanding of his so-called enemies at all and is only running for vice president anyway.

Hunter wants war with China.

Hillary is Hillary. And a damned warmongering liar. That’s enough.

Barack Obama has no substance at all.

And John Edwards, I assume, is some terrible sort of statist, though I’ve never bothered looking into him.

So, there you have it. Ron Paul 2008!

We love you Ron, give ’em hell!

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