Publisher Rejects Title of New Buchanan Book

by | Nov 26, 2007 | Stress Blog | 23 comments

Originally, Pat wanted it to be called “Keep Out The Wetbacks!!!”. Sadly, he was overruled by his publisher, which has named it “Day of Reckoning”
Here’s Drudge’s preview:
“To prevent America becoming ‘a tangle of squabbling nationalities’ Buchanan urges: No amnesty for the 12-20 million illegal aliens; a border fence from San Diego to Brownsville; Congressional declarations that children born to illegal aliens are not citizens and English is the language of the United States; and a ‘timeout’ on all immigration.”

No amnesty. No amnesty…what does he mean by that? I guess he wants to expel these people. That’s perfectly reasonable. They’re illegal, as Lou Dobbs says 47 thousand times per show, so they should be expelled. Now that we’ve settled that, how will that procedure be carried out?
The United States has a population of 300 million or so. Buchanan is urging the removal of as many as 20 million people, or approximately 6.67% of the entire population of the United States.
What if they don’t want to go?
They’ll have to be coerced. Men with guns will have to round them up and get rid of them. Well, that’s happened before, I suppose. Actually, it happens all the time. They really got into that kind of thing in the 40s. Every country seemed to think that was a good idea. The US, Germany, the USSR, et al. Israel was created by permanently displacing 750k people. We love Israel right? Maybe Buchanan really has something here…
OK, alright, this book does have some good stuff. He basically wants a Katyn massacre-type thing for the Neocons, which I think all Americans can agree with at this point. Take them out back and plug ’em. And he wants to close most of the thousand or so US bases internationally, and call off the new Cold War with the Russkies. Those would all be positive steps (especially the massacre). But I keep wondering what happens to all of those troops he wants to bring home. Are they fired or are they used for something else? Something for which their firearms might be of special use?
That brings me back to his ideas about “illegal” immigrants. What if they don’t want to go?

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