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Those in charge of America’s government and broader state establishment have completely lost their minds. Apparently, they really tell each other, and believe, the very same crap they use on us. In fact, the propaganda we suffer may just be the spillover from what is truly intended for consumption by the political classes themselves in the first place.

But anyone would have to be more loony than stupid to publish or believe this New York Times nonsense.

The Times is just delighted to report the progress the U.S. Marine Corps is making in training up “female engagement teams” to win over the local women in Afghanistan. The plan is to accomplish this winning-over by tabulating the locals’ grievances into the new remake-Afghanistan high-tech anthropological “change entire societies” database of hope.

Now, reports the Times, this is a most wonderful tactic, which, I suppose we are to suppose, will help the Marines to quickly bring Afghanistan into the fold of modern, western, technocratic, democratic┞¢ nations. This must be part of our great leader General Petraeus’s brand-new, futuristic, brilliant, awesome, Counter-Insurgency Doctrine of Genius!

Is there anything the American empire cannot accomplish with the sophisticated utilization of women and computers?

Is there anything impossible that the editors of the Times will not believe – and would not have us believe?

And is it not some form of mental illness that would allow people to order and abet the slaughter of tens of thousands of innocent people for reasons that can’t stand up to a laugh test for a single minute? Should not the entire population of the white part of Washington D.C. – and the MSM with ’em – all be immediately locked in prisons for the criminally insane? Should we not tie them up tight in straight-jackets and leave them locked alone in the dark forever?

I’m just saying that maybe it’s time to begin considering locking every federal government employee and their friends who write the news away in a cage for the rest of their lives, immobilized, since they are all crazy homicidal maniacs. That’s all I’m saying.

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