Prisons and Schools

by | Dec 9, 2005 | Stress Blog | 1 comment

Back when I was a right-wing minarchist in the late Clinton years, I would recoil at the sight of those meatheaded slogans of the left, especially the ones that trumped up the Nanny State as some sort of preferable alternative to reactionary governance. One such slogan is the one about how it would be great if the Pentagon had to have bake sales to buy bombers, and schools had all the loot they needed. Another, which I had even less sympathy for, is the famous “Schools, Not Prisons” motto. Sometimes it appears as “Build Schools, Not Prisons.”

As a limited-government libertarian, I absolutely contemned this credo. I hated the use of prisons to involuntarily house gun nuts and drug users, of course, but I believed that the government should build at least some prisons