Democrats and Progressives Love Slavery

Just look at their comments on Huffington Post, tripping over themselves to praise Rep. Murtha's evil call for military slavery. Take note of their reverence for past wars that were grander and more smoothly run than Shrub's. This is too disgusting for words. If I had to choose between a welfare-state-worshipping, envirowacko, micromanagement party like the Democrats and a full-blown imperial warfare state party like the Republicans, I'd choose the former. But if the Dems are the ones who...

The Quotable Bob Higgs

"The typical American is (ideologically) sick, and the disease is nationalism. The illness is virulent, and it may prove to be terminal. (Indeed, for all too many people, here and abroad, it has proved to be terminal already.)"

In Defense of Libertarian Purity

My new LRC article is on libertarian strategy and the folly of unnecessary compromise in principle. I wrote it before I knew anything about the Portland debacle. I might comment on the latter in more detail, when I have the time.

Former LRC Writer Killed by San Diego Cops

See Lew Rockwell. Incidentally, this is the kind of thing that the government will continue to do even if the better conservatives were to get their dream "republic" implemented. Seeing as I consider the police state a major threat to liberty and property rights

The Great Conservative Hoax

Lew Rockwell explains why the conservative rats are jumping ship: The conservatives denounce their presidents for the same reason that the left denounces Stalin: they want to evade responsibility for the results of the policies imposed by monsters that they themselves created. When the left does this, we know not to take it too seriously. If you give the state the right to expropriate all private property, you can't be too surprised when dictators take over. Similarly, when the whole of your...

The Immigration Solution

Bill Walker over at nails it, as he takes on the economic, cultural and other arguments for leviathan to "do something" about illegal immigration: Libertarians should have learned by now to be a little suspicious when politicians offer to solve our problems with the use of minefields and secret police. Especially when it

Rationing a Shortage of Positivist Civil Rights

Those on the left who believe in positive rights but not negative liberties have always confounded me when they claim universalism. Now, I believe in universal human rights, locally (and, ideally, civilly) enforced. But if you believe everyone has a right to health care or education, then your conception of rights is limited to the amount of wealth, the practical possibility of distributing benefits equally, etc., which is why socialist states treat people so unequally

Yes Virginia, The Fed Is Santa Claus

Norm Singleton passes along this helpful government Web page: "The Federal Reserve For Kids." You see, kids, we live in a world where, given the normal nature of things and the way people would interact with one another in business if left to their own devices, everything just gets more and more expensive. It makes sense, you see? All human effort in the marketplace, put together, has the effect of making everything harder to afford. It's just the way the world works. What costs $1 today will...

Anti-State, Anti-War, Anti-Bush

I have a new article about why it's important to be all three, and where the left and right go wrong. I discuss the unfortunate tendency of the left to attack Bush even on the incredibly rare occasions that he's right. A sample: The left, for its part, still fails to understand the other side of the coin. On the front is the image of the president, on the back is the institution of the state. If Bush is ever immortalized on coin, his denomination will almost surely follow the pattern of all...