Oh, Poor Judge Bybee!

by | Apr 25, 2009 | Stress Blog | 2 comments

Pravda reports that Federal Judge Jay Bybee, who ‘interpreted’ the law to mean that it was perfectly okay for George W. Bush to slam people against the wall 30 times in a row after keeping them awake for a month chained to the ceiling and forced to evacuate on themselves when they weren’t being locked in tiny little boxes or drowned almost to death over and over again, feels really, really bad about it! He was under a lot of time pressure!

That’s right. Bybee now says he ‘regrets that the memo was misused,’ and that “the spirit of liberty has left the republic.’

Well, let’s just hope that when this most guilty of law-breaking felons finally dies in prison (if not the Salt-Pit torture dungeon outside of Kabul), someone will make sure to etch on his gravestone that ‘Here Lies the Man Who Tortured and Murdered the Spirit of Liberty in the Republic.’

Oh, who am I kidding? For him to go to jail would require the spirit of liberty in the republic he killed. It’s too late. There is no law.

And another thing: None of this is hyperbole. Jay Bybee is a criminal. He is a disgrace to mankind. These are just plain facts. No proud, red-blooded American should be too shy to say so. The fact that he’s sending his friends out to say boo hoo for him now means absolutely nothing. Plenty of convicted murderers and torturers claim they regret it. Find Jesus and everything. The only difference between them and him is that he’s a government employee. That’s all. See? No law. Just will. And torture.

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