NWO Plots World Domination in Ottawa

by | Jun 10, 2006 | Stress Blog | 14 comments

A bunch of loser also-rans–er, I mean incredibly powerful and shadowy magnates are meeting–IN SECRET!!!!–in Ottawa (my God, I’m only two-and-a-half hours away from them *shiver*), where they are no doubt plotting global thermonuclear macroeconomic, International Monetary…something.

That’s right conspiracy wackos, the nightmare continues. The two most often publicly cited in this evil conspiracy to–well, flap their lips about what fun they used to have when they were bigshots–David Schlockefeller and Henry Blissinger are there.

Alright, you probably guessed I don’t go in for all of this garbage. It’s not that I don’t buy the notion that the world is basically run, to whatever degree that’s possible, by a powerful and essentially unaccountable group of elite businessmen and politicians–many of whom are in Ottawa right now.

The problem I have with the notion is that these are essentially lobbyists. They exert influence of the power centres, but nobody can convince me that they’re the problem per se.

The problem is the power centres.

Wealthy philanthropists like Rockefeller, ex-bigshots like Kissinger, and super-rich businessmen like Rupert Murdoch can get together and secretly masturbate to porn (which is what I suspect is actually happening behind those closed doors) all they want, but the difference is made when there is a State apparatus for them to lobby. Without that power, it’s all just talk.

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