Now, here’s a man who stands for his principles

by | Jul 6, 2007 | Stress Blog | 13 comments

Mike Tennant from the LRC blog reports on a message from member of his local Ron Paul meetup group email list.

Ready for this?

I am 60 years old. I have always voted for smaller government and to uphold the Constitution. I have never gotten what I voted for. Today I put my home up for sale. I am taking the proceeds and going to spend it promoting Ron Paul. That is the best way to spend my grandchildren’s inheritance. They will benefit more by having President Ron Paul than having $100,000 of fiat money. Our lives, our fortunes, our sacred honor. The Revolution has begun.

Were the rest of us to follow this man’s example, and really give something up for this campaign, we can – at the very least – make this presidential campaign the most effective voice for liberty since… I don’t know when…

Give it up for Ron Paul!

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