Note to Brian Williams of NBC News: It’s You

by | Oct 1, 2006 | Stress Blog | 6 comments

“All day long today the story we’ve been chasing has to do with major new charges about the handling of the Iraq war – evidence that the reality is far worse than we’ve been led to believe.”

Quoth Brian Williams – Tom Brokaw’s replacement as the “news anchor” on the NBC Nightly News – in his introduction to a story titled “Baghdad Under Curfew” from the night of Friday September 29th. (Watch it here.)

Just one question here Brian:

Who the hell is this “we”?

You are the one who has been doing the misleading. You are the one.

I know what you’re thinking too: “But my job is to repeat what the state says because they are the origin of all things. It never occurred to me that it was my job to find the truth myself and tell you about it.”

And perhaps you’re right. Perhaps your job is being a liar, or a tool of liars if you will – telling us what the military contractors that run NBC want you to in order to keep us afraid enough and dumb enough to keep our country at war and our government flowing our tax dollars into their bank accounts.

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