No Comment

I’m writing to report to you the sad news that world renowned human rights attorney and anti-torture hero, The Other Scott Horton, is hanging up his blogging cap and closing down No Comment at the Harper’s magazine Website.

The good news is that Scott says he’s got more important work to do that the blogging has been disrupting. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we are witness to more good works by this champion of human liberty.

Best of luck to you Scott, we’ll be looking forward to hearing your wisdom again soon.

5 thoughts on “No Comment”

  1. mudshark

    Best of luck, [the other] Scott,
    I hope your ‘more important work‘ has to do with making these demented bastards somebody’s bitch for life.

  2. Bob Sale

    Bummer. Not only were his blogs good, but the other stuff — the art, poetry — were excellent.

  3. Oscar Goldman

    Sometimes in life, one must try to strip away the complicating factors, disentangle, and simplify.

    Sometimes this must an evolutionary, organic process; other times it happens via sudden revelation and subsequent revolution.

    In the case of the Harpers Scott, I’m not in any doubt that whatever the reason, it’s well founded, and probably due to the fact that he wants to accomplish greater good with the energy that his body and spirit supplies him with each day. Nobody, not even Scott has an unlimited amount.

    So I look forward to reading and hearing more from this great voice, just in different ways, is all.

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