Newsflash!: Douglas Feith, Neocons in Policy Shop Lied Americans Into War

by | Feb 9, 2007 | Stress Blog | 2 comments

Before, when Karen Kwiatkowski, Jim Lobe, Bob Dreyfuss/Jason Vest and Sy Hersh reported on the activities of the Office of Special Plans it was just rumor and innuendo.

Now the Inpector General concludes the very same thing. Since the State itself now says so, it has become fact.

Sort of like when the Columbia had “apparently” blown up over Palestine, Texas until it was officially announced by the sub-retard-in-chief 3 hours later back in 2003.

Update: Doug Feith on NPR this morning. Hahahaha! Damn. No shame at all. No shame.

Thanks Phil.

Update II: Philip Giraldi will be on Keith Olbermann tonight about the OSP, etc..

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