New bloggers

by | Apr 30, 2007 | Stress Blog | 43 comments

Hey Mace, Ken, Oscar, Mud, Cous, VyS, Sol (whatever happened to Sol?),

It is obvious that I have no time to write a damn thing these days, and this blog is quickly becoming simply a maroon, comment-having version of – that is, just radio archives. It really does suck to know that all the crazy news breaking out right now is not being catalogued here as in the past.

At the risk of having no commenters left, I am inviting you guys to be bloggers on Stress.

Then you’ll have your say and maybe there’ll be things for other people to comment on too.

Update: Shit! I forgot Steve C and Phil.! You too dudes!

Steve? Cous? Don’t make me beg you bastards!

Yeah, and what happened to Phil and to Redrum?

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