My fellow Americans

by | Aug 19, 2006 | Stress Blog | 5 comments

We have got to make our government stop this madness.

From the Washington Times:

Children who have never been charged with a crime are being held in juvenile prisons in Iraq, a State Department official stated in a report he posted on the Internet this week.

Some of the children are in the detention centers simply because there is no one to pick them up and take them home, said Marshall Adame, an official with the National Coordination Team based out of Camp Victory in Iraq.

“These are not hardened criminals or terrorists,” said Mr. Adame in a personal detailed report he published on an Internet log.

He added that there had been reports of “physical and other abuse” in the detention centers but that the U.S.-led coalition considered the issue “not our urgent business.”

Called at home while on vacation in the United States, Mr. Adame said he went ahead and published his report because he wanted it to be part of the public record.

“I’m not talking about those arrested or captured in the process of fighting against the coalition. I’m talking about children who were rounded up for no particular reason, who have not been charged but have been put into detention,” he said in a brief telephone interview.

Everyone repeat after me: This is not okay.

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