My Favorite Comment on the NYT’s Latest Ron Paul Smear

by | Dec 26, 2007 | Stress Blog | 6 comments

Is here:

I read about comments that Ron Paul is a racist and I want to take a moment and put these rumors and lies to rest. I have had the opportunity to meet Dr. Paul over thirty years ago during the first of three pregnancies. I did not have much money and at the time, I heard through my church that Dr. Paul was a very reasonable man and will work with me on payment. Since then, Dr. Paul has delivered three of my babies and they are all healthy young adults with two of them married. I even have pictures of Dr. Paul holding my children and I remember that he is a blessed soul and even several of my friends had their babies delivered by him. We talked this Sunday as allegations surfaced that Dr. Paul was a racist and we were quite upset and talked with the current minister because the former minister is now retired, but still an active member of our congregation. Because of blogs like this, media lies, and insinuations, we are going to produce a video and send out a press-release to all media outlets expressing our love for Dr. Paul and that he is a good man and does not have a single racial bone in his body. I also want to know who you are as I believe you should have researched his past through his local community instead of raising lies.

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