27 thoughts on “My Debate with Harvey Kushner at Texas A&M 9/11/08”

  1. Anders

    Ah good, I crashed out at 2am, so I’m glad it’s back up :) This Harvey Kushner guy was reduced to right wing fox talking points, how sad, I was  quite taken aback when he came right out and said “we’re in a war with Islam” although he did check himself and say “radical Islam” .Great job scott .He also said there would no blowback from the Iraq war, well, he’s wrong, in the UK we’ve already had some of the blowback on 7/7 .

  2. Jean

    “We have a responsibility to export democracy throughout the world”.  Where exactly is this responsibility come from, and who made the ultimate decision.  When this statement was made by Dr. Kushner, all I could think of was the Soviet mentality of exporting communism throughout the world.  That sure worked didn’t it.

  3. dodsworth

    Strangely, Kushner’s thought that he was especially clever when he argued that the people responsible for blowback “had not intended to create blowback.”  Is that the whole point of blowback?    I guess this guy doesn’t know anything Hayek’s theory of unintended consequences.

    1. Amber

      No kidding.  It’s like: nevertheless, it exists.  The question isn’t whether or not the people responsible intended such blowback.  No one cares what their intentions were, the consequences happened.  This is why our rulers shouldn’t have the power they have in the first place.  They’re not all knowing and won’t see the consequences coming.

  4. MikeL

    I’ve had that brain-lock experience when you completely go blank and forget where you were (I used to give lots of public talks). It’s the weirdest damn feeling, like you’re completely vulnerable to anything and everything. I feel for ya. But notice that it happened to Kurchner too when he first accused you of not answering the question and then didn’t even know the question himself! Sometimes brain lock can be hilarious.

  5. Amber

    Excellent job last night, Scott.  It was like watching a boxing match between truth and ignorance or arrogance or stupidity…I can’t decide which.  You hit all the points that I think people needed to hear, especially that the grievances (perceived or otherwise) of Bin Laden had to do with policy issues, and that the ayatollahs ranted and raved for years about American moral degradation to no avail.  That really works well to combat the whole clash of civilizations mindset, especially for the average well-intended, but ill-informed person.
    I have to say, it was so irritating when that guy kept bringing up his age.  “Some of us are old enough to remember when…” blah, blah, blah.  It was like he was trying to give himself legitimacy because he was the oldest debater.  What a joke!  But, I guess that’s what you do when ya ain’t got nothin’ left.
    But, you really should rethink your pro-rape position, Scott.  Take it from me, the ladies frown on that sort of thing.  It will be a long and frustrating life if you insist on clinging to beliefs like that one there 🙂

  6. horst queck

    Very nicely done Scott. You’ve spoken for millions of us.This was like watching a debate version of Monty Python’s ‘knight at the bridge’. 

  7. stevec

    Y’now Kushner wrote a few books on the subject of terrorism…. I could get you them for Xmas and you could put them on your shelf right next to Pape, Scheuer, etc….

  8. Dave

    I was only able to view half of this debate before my disgust with Kushner’s intellectual dishonesty and sickening rationalistaions forced me to stop the video. I shall return to view the rest of it once my nausea subsides. I would like to congratulate you, Scott, on your ability to stand toe-to-toe with this sanctimonius weasel and present your sane and rational views without actually calling him what he is. Bravo!

  9. Mike K.

    Watched the debate this morning.  Strong work, Scott.  You really wiped the floor with that Kushner guy–you got under his skin.
    Neocons.  I hate these guys.
    Kushner is paranoid.  Reminded me of General Ripper, from “Dr. Strangelove.”
    When he started off on how the media/universities/government have been “infiltrated”, I half expected him to ask you “Have you ever heard of a thing called fluoridation, Mandrake?”

  10. Dither

    Scott,You were nervous, as I would have been in your shoes. Just the same, you were brilliant. You had the most powerful weapon on your side: the truth. But even that means nothing if one doesn’t have the courage to stand up and speak it. You did speak the truth, as you have been doing all along, even when it was unpopular. For that, you are a hero.Thanks.P.S. Isn’t it stunning that our position is considered “radical” by today’s standards, while Kushner’s proposal to “bring democracy to the entire world no matter how much blood and treasure it costs” is just business as usual?

  11. Leif

    I wonder where Harv the Liberator signed up to donate his blood, treasure, arms, legs, balls (if any) to democratize the world.

  12. Gregory Purcell

    That was awesome you destroyed him, did you note how he was swaying back and forth as he talked towards the end. That means he knows he was destroyed and just wanted to runaway.

  13. Richard Leveson

    Scott, that was WELL done!I convince myself that my neighbor is planning to attack my house in the night with automatic weapons. Therefore I take pre-emptive action: I break into his house one night and beat him up, together with his wife and children – but then I discover that he has no weapons and had no intention to attack me. My defense in court is defiant: “I had every reason to believe I was correct, I still think I did the right thing, knowing what I knew then!”Sounds like Harvey?

  14. Omar

    Great Job Scott!
    I’ve been listening to Antiwar radio since its inception and finally have a face to put to the voice LOL
    While the misguided ramblings of that racist, bigoted scare mongering pseudo-intellectual were torturous, your clear headed, rational responses and arguments took the high road and were informative and ultimately highly persuasive. I imagine there were many in the audience who learned a lot that day.
    I have to admit, however, that I took great pleasure in seeing the consternation erupt in this failed academic to the point that he refused to shake your hand at the end! What a child!
    Keep it up Scott – I look forward to the next debate…

  15. Independent American

    Scott,You did a fantastic job stating the truth!  So glad that you were able to enlighten a few more folks.As you of all people know, the America people have not heard these arguments before.  And because of that, it would be impossible for any Presidential candidate to be elected without at least paying lip-service to being “strong” and being capable of keeping us “safe.”With that said, I disagree with you that both candidates would bring about the same foreign policy result.There is a REASON that AIPAC and others are suspicious of Obama.  Even though he has had to play lip-service to the status quo to some extent, if you watch closely, he leaves some wiggle room.  He went on record against the Iraq invasion before it happened.  That says something important.On the other hand, McCain blatantly STATES that YES, THERE WILL BE MORE WARS!  It seems to me that Obama is the much safer choice.Again, great job on the debate.

  16. Independent American

    What is wrong with the stream?  It keeps locking up.  Suggestions?  I’ve sent this link to many people…would be a shame if no one got to see it.


    Is there something you can do about the streaming video?  It is horrible.  It completely freezes to the point you have to start it all over again.  It makes it impossible to really follow.

  18. Gregory Purcell

    of course all of Harveys answers were absurd, but the one that strikes me as most absurd was what he would do differently. “Invade Afganastan quicker”
    Ummm. on Nov 14 2001 Kabul fell. that’s 33 days to organize a war, in the most inaccessible areas of the world, then go to the other side of the planet, and conquer it.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_Afghanistan_(November_2001)
    my God the speed of this blitzkrieg was mind blowing. Only someone who has no real understanding of military logistics and history would not be awestruck at the time line.
    I mean historically most blitzkriegs take at least six months to a year of preparation before they even start.

  19. Shingo

    How do these imbeciles get to be referred to as experts?
    With all his experience and expertise, all this windbag could come up with were jingoistic slogans and snide remarks.
    I take my hat off to you Scott.  Debating someone who uses to many falsities and fraudulent presmises is actually very difficult becasue there is only so much time to counter all the BS.  Even though all their arguments have been comprehensively debunked in public fora, they continue to use them.
    It’s sickening.

  20. Shingo

    Wow, so many lies.
    He even tries to tie Iraq to 911.
    That everyone thought Iraq had WMD.
    He uses a simplistic argument that we went to war with Iraq becasue of 911 becasue of some esoteric link, then uses the argument that the enemy of my enemy is my friend therefore we didn’t need ot go after Saudi Arabia.  Talk about a circular argument!!
    No one affected by the Patriot Act?  Was the Ptriot Act not used to determine Jose Padilla an enemy combatant?
    I like a commander in chief who knows the enemy?  Sure.  Ecept that McCain doesn’t know the difference between Shiites and Sunnis.
    If Iraq was an experiment in bringing democracy to another region in the world, then why don’t we respect the democratic right of Iraq to ask us to leave.  And how is handing the country to the Iranian government an exercise in democracy or the right thing to do?  How was John McCain’s lead any different to Bush when McCain agreed 100% of the way with Bush?
    He denies we’re an empire, but he’s proud of the fact we are?
    Ward Churchill is evidence that our universities are being infiltrated by Islamofascists?
    The Talian took part in the 911 attacks?
    The guy is a paranoid lunatic.
    You slaughtered this guy Scott.  Thanks for posting the MP3!!

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