Michael Badnarik: National-Socialist for Congress

by | Jun 1, 2006 | Stress Blog | 96 comments

It shouldn’t really be a surprise, but Michael Badnarik, former LP Presidential candidate and current congressional candidate, after turning his campaign over to some ridiculous asshole named Alan Hacker, has decided that Mexican immigrants are an “invasion force” whose presence demands the response of the military “defense forces” of the US government.

“We must work to either replace or reclassify the Border Patrol and treat border issues as what they are: national defense issues coming under the mission and scope of our defense forces.”

And check out the disgusting, Cheney-worthy fear-mongering he rolls out to justify it!

“In an age where the equivalent of a large invasion force can be packed into a suitcase-sized box containing nuclear, chemical or biological weapons, no lesser response will do.”

The Libertarian Party is doomed as long as national-socialists like Alan Hacker are telling fools like Badnarik what to think. And his belief in natural liberty has been in a permanent vegetative state since he realized that he can’t find any other work besides being a full-time professional political candidate.

How to please the trailer park brown shirt constituency in time for November? I know! Do exactly as Hillary Clinton does – try to outflank the Reich on the right.


“Hmmm… I guess I could vote for the militaristic right-wing Republican who I know is going to win, but, no, I think I’ll vote for the militaristic right-wing Republican who I know for a fact is going to lose.”

Makes sense, don’t it? Oh, right. No, it doesn’t.

Yes, I used to work for Badnarik. And No, I am not betraying him. He has betrayed his promise to defend liberty.

I can hear him now: “Well, it’s not unconstitutional.”

Maybe I’m being too hard on the guy. Maybe he just can’t find any actual libertarians to tell him how much or how little national socialism is okay.

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