McCain Gets A Pass on Foreign Policy

by | May 17, 2008 | Stress Blog | 7 comments

John McCain is an idiot. He knows nothing about foreign policy beyond the talking points he gets from the AEI.

No matter what the question is, he gets it wrong. And no matter how wrong he gets it, the press in this country will always defer to his expertise, just because he was a POW one hell of an irrelevant long ass time ago.

Here’s John McCain saying the U.S. would have to deal with Hamas because they were the elected government of Palestine:

And here is his spokeslady explaining that he never meant it (please don’t turn on me now, Israel Lobby!)

Credit goes to David Shuster for calling her out, but does anyone believe that the lesson of how completely full of shit John McCain is will be able to sink in past the “but gee, he’s a gen-u-ine War Hero” filter in his head for next time?

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