Liberty Fest NYC 9/10/2011

Yeah, the audio ain’t so good.

7 thoughts on “Liberty Fest NYC 9/10/2011”

  1. da99

    Just to expand on what Scott and Brown said on pre-9/11 history:

    In the movie Speed (1994), the female co-lead wonders why the bus bomber is so angry: “Why is all this happening? I mean, what did we do? Bomb the guy’s country or something?”

    Even in 1994, in Hollywood, people knew there might be retaliation for covert/overt US government action.

  2. Bob Bogus

    Well it looks like Kim Jong Il was really ill after all.

    I will miss his sun glassess and his bouffant hairdo (he should have been on Faux News with a hairdo like that) but not much else.

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