Libby, Franklin, the OSP and Sibel Edmonds – What’s It All About?

For all those who have been trying to keep up with (and make sense of) the story of Sibel Edmonds, the woman who learned terrible things while translating for the FBI, blew the whistle and was promptly fired and gagged with the court invented “state’s secrets privilege,” there is good news.

Lukery, proprietor of the excellent blog wot is it good for?, has put in the time and gray matter to piece together what we can learn from what she can say around her gag order. (Which was recently upheld by the Supreme Court without comment.)

It seems clear at this point that the many scandals of the neoconservatives who lied us into Iraq, as Edmonds told me last August 13, are connected together. It seems more and more likely that her half-told portion is the puzzle piece to hold them all together, though many questions indeed remain.

Lukery’s excellent summary is here.

Notes from his interview of her here.

More from him on the subject here, here, here, here and here.

Christopher Deliso’s interviews of Sibel are here and here.

His 3 latest articles on all this here, here and here, my December 17th interview of him on the subject here.

Sibel’s website, the notorious Vanity Fair article, and the transcript of my most recent interview of her here, mp3 here.


10 thoughts on “Libby, Franklin, the OSP and Sibel Edmonds – What’s It All About?”

  1. randyconspiracybuff

    I don’t know if you caught it but Ms. Edmonds all but named the Turkish company carrying out all the logistics of this arms smuggling, drug running and money laundering. It turns out to be a Turkish compnay. Darn! I was hoping it would be a U.S. military transport plane, or maybe one of those CIA planes used to transport terror suspects!

    But seriously, doesn’t it seem ironic that Bush and Cheney always like to take away our civil liberties by conjuring up the specter of a “mushroom cloud”, while at the same time turning a blind eye to the nuclear black market running through Turkey?

    Am I the only one that’s outraged by this?

  2. Tim

    There may be potential corruption involved in this, that remains to be proven, but we shouldn’t forget the geopolitical angle. US policy in the mid-east is critically dependent (probably hyper-dependent) on Turkish goodwill. If the Turks turned into genuine neutrals, yet alone hostiles, the US would largely have to fly the white flag over Iraq.

  3. heliosphere

    Philip Dru-

    Your latest interview with Sibel had me holding my breath and sitting on the edge of my chair. I never heard so much from a lady who was allowed to say so little.

  4. lukery

    incidentally, in her interview yesterday she gave the same Talking Points that she gave me:
    1. wilson and plame met at the ATC
    2. plame repeatedly went to turkey
    3. Feith and Perle’s IAI was ‘lobbying’ for Turkey.

    she then asks that we all connect those three points.

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