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XXXXXXX wrote:
Greetings Scott Horton,

Can you suggest one or two article that best sum up the facts re. the zionist role in bringing about the Iraq war, including later revelations about the OSP, Shulsky, and other facts that PJB [Pat Buchanan] did not have when he wrote “Whose war?




I would define them much more narrowly than “zionists.” The majority of zionists in Israel and in the U.S. oppose the Likud/Neoconservative foreign policy prescriptions and it was certainly very few individuals who lied us into this war.

The best articles about what happened were themselves written by “zionists”: “The Lie Factory,” and “Agents of Influence” by Robert Dreyfuss (the former with Jason Vest), “The Stovepipe” and “Selective Intelligence” by Seymour Hersh, “Pentagon Office Home to Neo-Con Network,” by Jim Lobe (who’s been on the neocons’ case for 30 years, btw.)

Also, please see “The Spies Who Pushed for War” by Julian Borger, A Pretext for War by James Bamford, as well as his articles for Rolling Stone, “The Man Who Sold the War” and “Iran: The Next War,” Laura Rozen et al. and their piece “Iran Contra II?“, Karen Kwiatkowski’s articles for the American Conservative, Salon and her C-SPAN interview with Brian Lamb, RawStory has a great timeline and Philip Giraldi has a new one in the American Conservative called “Saving Feith” that’s really good too.

Oops, I just realized you only asked for one or two… I guess that should do it then.

: )


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