Letter from a Nazi

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9/11 Justice

Brief but carefully presented and supported criminal indictment of George Bush, Dick Cheney, Richard Myers, and Condoleeza Rice for murder in the events of 9-11, presenting all the best evidence in a concise but powerful manner. It includes Larry Silverstein’s admission that the explosives were used… <more>

Another 9-11 video that I am sure you will like is: “All Roads Lead To Where?”Answer: Israel

BTW: I listened to your interview with the Ketchum fellow where you both were discussing the ‘Dancing Israelis’ and the
200 Israeli spies that were rounded up in 2001, and quietly sent back to Israel, no espionage charges filed, no proper
investigation done – thanks to your fellow Zionist Jew & criminal buddy Michael Chertoff, who is now head of the American
KGB. Knowing your ethnic background, the interview was pretty much what I expected.

The typical signature tactic that your evil tribe uses. However, we the Goyim are wise to it now.

Example: Whenever Jews sense that the truth about what they’ve been doing might get exposed,
they ( in your case, you ) immediately spring into action, and try to get out in front of the exposure and
assume the ‘lead’ role in telling the story. This lets Jews elbow any and all non-Jews ( and goyim
puppets who aren’t on the Jewish payroll, like Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reilly, etc.) out of the limelight –
and this is critical, if the message is to be controlled properly.

In this fashion, your evil tribe can control the message – and they can selectively leave out the most incriminating
details and steer the telling of the story down the safest possible paths. Leads that might take the investigation
down paths that connect the dots to Israel, or to Jewish behavior in general, are not explored, although sometimes they
might be briefly mentioned in passing – such as a few of the remarks made during your Ketchum whitewashed

Oh, and I’ve noticed a pattern to almost all of the 9-11 truth videos ( excepting, of course, the All Roads Lead To Where? video
that I recommended earlier ). These videos (Loose Change, 911 Mysteries, Painful Deceptions, etc.) all contain a lot of
excellent information – and all of them pretty much destroy the official lies that were told by your ethnic brethren in the
neo-con crime syndicate. But, they all carefully leave out any mention of the Israeli-Jewish role in the events of September 11th,

The absence of any mention of that connection is further proof as to who the real perpetrators of 9-11 really were.

And it is also proof that that your evil tribe are engaging in their signature tactic, as I explained above.

Have a nice kosher day, Scotty-boy.

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