John Soltz and the Daily Kos “Netroots” – Hypocritical Cowards

by | Aug 4, 2007 | Stress Blog | 2 comments

Check out this video:

“Dissident” group leader threaten to have man’s career ruined and have him imprisoned for disagreeing with them in public.

So the Daily Kos set is holding their Hillary Clinton love fest and a reservist stands up and offers them all the money in his pocket if they can show him where Iraqi civilian deaths haven’t gone down since the surge started working.

(Apparently none of them read the newspaper because the Associated Press cited a 23% increase in Iraqi civilian deaths from June to July, making it the second deadliest month for Iraqis this year, just 3 days ago and Reuters added that the number of attacks there is at an all time high of 177.8 a day.)

Unfortunately for everyone involved, the democrats in attendance had no idea about any of this, and since they had no facts, the Daily Kosers, led by leader John Soltz, bounced the reservist right out of the place for asking a question that they couldn’t answer.

And what was the form of their bouncing this man’s natural right to speak?

They threatened to turn him in to the military for talking “politics” in his uniform! To have him dishonorably discharged and possibly imprisoned.

So when soldiers dress up for Camp Casey that’s perfectly fine, but if a soldier asks a question which reveals the absolute ignorance and stupidity of the “net-roots” in front of themselves — the hypocrites immediately reach to call 911.

Fear for your liberty when those considered heroes by these have the power.

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