John McCain Sure is One Low Piece of Shit

by | Oct 11, 2008 | Stress Blog | 18 comments

Now, Barack Obama is a Democrat – and that is terrible. But John “Snakes in the Brain” McCain has spent months, especially the last few weeks, encouraging the few talk radio-lobotomized cattle still left in the Republican Party to believe that the Dems decided this time around to nominate for President an Arab, Muslim, Terrorist, Enemy of the People of America (I guess that’s still better than Hillary), and that the DNC’s treasonous coup can only be averted by supporting his former collaborator-with-the-Communist-enemy ass for the power instead.

Someone in the campaign apparently informed him that his smear tactics (Obama is a mystery – got money from Hezbollah… Could be a suicide bomber as far as we know) were among the lowest in American electoral politics – ever.

Can you imagine Ronald Reagan implying that Mondale was a secret KGB agent traitor to America? No.

So now, Mr. “Honor” is trying to walk back his fearmongering in front of a bunch of reptile-brained numbskulls who apparently respond only to fear – the now-soothing tones of Mr. War Hero himself were obviously no where near enough to pull these cowards (conservatives) back toward anything like the real world.

Well fuck you John McCain. Once again, you have failed. Once again, you disgrace your fathers. Once again, you have made the situation in America even worse than you had helped to make it before.

(Unlike the idiots running Obama’s campaign, I also remember your love affair with Ahmad Chalabi, you God-damned rat.)

Update: I had missed this about how the McCain campaign denounced Obama for criticizing them for deliberately inciting their brown shirt lynch mob rallies into such frenzies that they are calling out for his death at the top of their lungs. Nice touch.

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