John Derbyshire Stands By Ron Paul

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John Derbyshire, the National Review writer who endorsed Ron Paul, is not phased by the recent smears.

First he cites Andrew Sullivan:

And, yes, thank God for Ron Paul.

No one else, except McCain, copped to the GOP’s rank betrayal of fiscal conservatism, limited government, prudent foreign policy and civil liberties. When he was asked to disown the 9/11 Truthers, he gave a revealing answer, and one that reflects on the newsletters issue. It just isn’t in his nature to adopt other people’s views, or to tell anyone else what to believe or what to say. He doesn’t just believe in libertarianism; he lives it. This means that he doesn’t have the instinct to police anyone else’s views or actions within the law or the Constitution. I don’t think it excuses his negligence in the past, but it does help me understand it better.

And then Derbyshire continues:

Just so. Furthermore, I doubt Paul has ever been any different. I had a most interesting email yesterday from a friend in Texas. My friend’s father was a slightly-cranky far-rightist who’d corresponded with Paul in the early 1980s. He’d send Paul one of his letters (my friend has preserved them) ranting about something or other. Paul would send a polite letter back, calmly agreeing with the bits he agreed with (limited government, Constitution) and pointedly ignoring the nuttier bits. Letters that were all nuttiness got no response from Paul.

That’s our man. He’s a rock. And if you’re crazy, he’s fine with it.

You can b-s in the sound bites, but you can’t b-s for a full 65 minutes of questioning. Sit through this (noting, in passing, that the mean IQ of the audience is around 140), then tell me if you can that Ron Paul wasn’t the straightest arrow on the stage last night. I want this man for president.

Me too.

When I first saw this, I assumed he was linking to Paul’s great performance in the debate the other night. But wait a minute? Average IQ of 140? I clicked the link to check it out, and dear Stress readers, “this” above is a link to Dr. Paul’s question and answer session at Google headquarters. Probably the finest Q and A that he’s ever done.

I don’t know too much about John Derbyshire, but I’m thinking he must be alright.

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