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by | Dec 19, 2005 | Stress Blog | 44 comments

I started doing the Philip Dru interviews on Radio KAOS in April 2003, just as the war against Iraq was getting started. From there I moved the Weekend Interview Show to the local patriot kook network where somehow I lasted since August of 2004. When they asked me to start paying to do my show, that was the end of that.

Feel free to take the opportunity to catch up on the archives, now all 214 on my new home page.

There is a new project in the works, but for now there’s the KAOS Report every Tuesday from 5-7pm central on KAOS 95.9 and 92.7 FM in Austin.

Update: I am back in the bumper sticker business. There are now 78 of the best damn bumpersticker in the world at Go buy some!

New Podcast Feed

Due to the awesome power of WordPress, we have been able to expand the site, and add a podcast that will be automatically updated whenever Scott does an interview. The feed URL is:

EDIT: There is now a podcast file that has ALL of Scott

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