Israeli intelligence, our constant companion

by | Mar 24, 2010 | Stress Blog | 1 comment

The Great Jeff Stein, writing at the Website of the Washington Post:

Another big week for Israeli spies — new and old.

In the latest chapter of the Dubai assassination drama, Britain gave the boot Tuesday to an Israeli diplomat, asserting that Israel was involved in the forgery of U.K. passports used in the January killing of a senior Hamas operative.

Meanwhile, declassified FBI documents from a 25-year-old Israeli spy scandal here surfaced on the Internet.

Lest one think the Israelis might lay low for awhile, a defiant Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu delivered a fiery speech in Washington Tuesday to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the same powerful group implicated in that long-ago spy scandal.

Odd, for a business that’s supposed to stay out of the news. Then again, that’s been the fate of spy services in recent years. A lot of what they do, from espionage and bribery to counterterrorism and hacking into computers, has ended up on the front page.

So it was in London Tuesday, when Her Majesty’s Government concluded ‘there are compelling reasons to believe that Israel was responsible for the misuse of the British passports,” in the words of Foreign Secretary David Miliband.

As a consequence, Britain ordered the expulsion of an unidentified Israeli diplomat after concluding that the high-quality fakes used in the Dubai hit were almost certainly ‘made by a state intelligence service.’ …

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