If the Bill of Rights Was the Law

by | Jan 13, 2008 | Stress Blog | 7 comments

If the Bill of Rights was the law, then it would matter that the United States Supreme Court will soon be forced for the first time to rule that yes, in fact, the second amendment forbids the government from infringing an individual’s right to own firearms.

The “collective right” crowd, mostly government “servants” have never had a leg to stand on with their ridiculous attempts to claim that the purpose of the second amendment was to protect the state governments’ reserved power to maintain National Guard units and that any firearms ownership you partake in privately is some sort of privilege allowed to you only because they, the government, feel like letting you, rather than being forbidden from stopping you, is about to have it’s collective ass handed to it. Once and for all.

Or maybe not. I suppose Roberts and Alito could scrape up some sort of theory where the second amendment guarantees the unitary-commander-in-president the right to shoot whoever he wants.

I guess I’d give liberty 60/40 on this one since even the New York Times seems to understand.

(What the hell is a collective right anyway? Not the Republicans, they’re the collectivist right. That’s different.)

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