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I find myself in agreement with the freaking National Review who apparently find themselves forced to defend Ron Paul from the smears of the sloppy “journalists” at the Politico and the rest of the Warbots that Alex Jones had successfully managed to put his foolish words in Paul’s mouth in this interview when in fact he did not.

Why Dr. Paul would even give Jones the opportunity to try is beyond me. Jones has made it quite clear that his only use for Paul is to try to get him to say Jones is right about something in front of his audience.

Jones always pushes Paul to repeat back to him something kooky, but based on half-truth, like the governor went to the Bilderberg meeting or Bush would like an excuse for war with Iran – never 9/11 because he know Paul will tell him he’s outright wrong in front of his audience, which would not do at all.

Jones has made it clear that he doesn’t care one whit about how much he hurts Paul as long as he can appeal to authority in place of noting facts that he does not have. It serves him as a sort of “gotcha” moment:

“He said I was right, and I got it on tape!” (Not actual quote, just paraphrasing the obvious intent.)

As the Warbots correctly note in the above link, all he does is make endless quantities of predictions, ignores the ones that don’t come true or claims it was his warning that stopped them from happening or screams “See I told you something, somewhere was going to blow up!” when something finally does.

I have tried to just ignore the Austin “patriot”/9-11 kook community since around 1999. I figure agreeing or arguing with them about anything is pointless, but damn man, leave Ron Paul alone!

Paul is not a 9/11 kook, he knows that there is in fact a law that requires folks to pay income tax, he doesn’t think George Bush is going to stage an attack against Americans, he doesn’t thing we’ve a. been under martial law for 10 years, nor b. fixin to be any day now, he doesn’t think the Skull and Bones controls the attitudes and behavior of every person who makes decisions in the world or anything else along those lines.

Attention 9/11 kooks: Stop trying so hard to make Ron Paul sound like a stupid asshole like you. It doesn’t make you more credible at all (you’d need the truth for that), it only hurts him. So knock it off, would you?

Thanks to David Beito for the link.

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