I don’t usually do this, but

by | Apr 25, 2009 | Stress Blog | 7 comments

Here’s a nice comment someone posted on my Facebook page.

Betsy Stevens: “Scott, you conduct the very best interviews on the radio/internet bar none except maybe Chuck Mertz of This is Hell. You are well read and insightful, and we listen to every program, even if you are an avowed Libertarian.

“Your choice of interviews is amazing. We are addicted to your program and have been since we searched for ANYTHING that was ‘anti-war’ and sane back in the days when the deafening war drums were beating. Thank you!”

And here’s another one from the Antiwar Radio comments section:

Louise Ann Donahue Says:

“Antiwar.com rocks! As in the rock of truth. It seems the foundations of society have turned to gravel. Scott you are amazing, your grasp of affairs floors me (and scares the hell out me). It seems everyone in the government has made a bargain with the devil? And we are just tax paying saps!”

Update: One more:

Via Facebook, William writes: “Haven’t missed a show in 2 and a half years and really like your interview style and choice of music. Confirm me as a friend and you’ve always got a drink waiting for you in Cracow Poland, in the wannabe 51st state.”

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