I don’t know y’all, it really is a tough one

Are the Democrats more stupid or condescending? I know it’s a difficult choice, but if there was a gun to my head, I guess I’d have to say… Condescending.

Hey Democratic Party, I know I speak for literally dozens of people when I say, go and fuck yourselves. (You don’t realize this, so I’ll tell you: Actually, it turns out, it’s us average “white trash” Americans who work for voluntary pay rather than parasitically sucking off the state our whole lives like you, who are the shit, while you are simply… shit.)

Personally, I kinda hope you lose, just so that when John McCain starts a nuclear war, I’ll be able to remind you that it wasn’t anything good about him, but rather decent Americans’ widespread contempt for you, which allowed him the power.

6 thoughts on “I don’t know y’all, it really is a tough one”

  1. Graham D

    Of course the Dems are more condescending than stupid. If they were more stupid they would have to join the Stupid Party, which as we know is different from the Evil Party.
    “In America we have a two-party system,” a Republican congressional staffer is supposed to have told a visiting group of Russian legislators some years ago.”There is the stupid party. And there is the evil party. I am proud to be a member of the stupid party.” He added: “Periodically, the two parties get together and do something that is both stupid and evil. This is called—bipartisanship.”

    1. Scott Horton Post Author

      No, but apparently he noticed the same thing as me. That all his friends are whiney hypocritical elitist assholes and that most Americans aren’t. The rest of them have gotten off to a bad start on following his advice.

  2. stevec

    Actually, he isn’t saying they aren’t this way…he’s saying — we are ELITISTS, but lets be smart about it, and not take the bait….  Let’s limit our condescending remarks amongst ourselves at cocktail parties and keep it out of public view. I liked this woman….If she is forced to say shit like “Islamofascist” or our “Special Relationship w/ Israel” I’m gonna puke….Wouldn’t it be hilarious if McCain croaked and she took RP as VP?    I can hope can’t I?

  3. Tim

    I like Scott’s nuclear war example. The modern ‘cosmopolitan’ left have made the rise of the neocons possible. They are so concerned with political correctness and multiculturalism that they are unable to offer any viable roadblock to the Israeli lobby with it’s agenda of embroiling the US in unending middle east wars in the vain hope that somehow Arab-Israeli peace will come out the end of it. They would rather see thousands of American troops die in dead end wars, and see hundreds of thousands of Arab civilians die with them than risk being called ‘anti-Semite’.
    And this has nothing to do with genuine opposition to racism or even genuine opposition to genuine anti-semitism, it is just preening self conscious vanity.
    And like all vain people, they are so vain they think the rest of us can’t see their shallowness or sense that hyporcisy is a more accurate diagnosis of their behavior than compassion. They really bite when conservatives and neocons call them ‘elitist’ or point out the contradictions of talking green whilst clocking up international Frequent Flyer points. Truth hurts.
    I know most ‘red state’ people have been terribly misled by the (neo-)conservative establishment. The average ‘red state’ American is neither a Jeffersonian (unfortunately) or a Hamiltonian, or worst of all, a Wilsonian, but they do tend to be Jacksonian, and that instinct to fight when attacked is not only open to manipulation, but has frequently been manipulated by power seeking elites of the right and left. That being said, ordinary people are very good at sniffing out phonies, which is why the left will not get their votes. And the condescending attitude is now so engrained in the left as to be a permanent fixture.
    H L Mencken once said all that needs to be said about political correctness. ““Men are surely not at their worst when they say what they actually think, even if it is shocking to their neighbors..” Until the left learn that they will continue to be what they have been for the past decade, the neocons’ poodles.

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