Hitler Wins Again

Ha. Yall see this one? Butler Shaffer:

“It has been some 3-4 years since I last held my classic “election” on the first day of class in our law school.  (The students – 2nd and 3rd year – don’t know who I am, and I hand out the ballots before doing or saying anything.)  The candidates for office are Candidate A and Candidate B, each of whom is identified not by name, but by description of behavior and/or policies advocated.  In the past, Candidate B receives – on the average – about 75% of the vote.  Today – with 22 students voting – Candidate B received 20 votes [just under 91% of the vote] while Candidate A got 2 votes [just over 9%].

“Oh, yes, for those who haven’t followed this exercise before – of which I have reported herein in the past – Candidate A is a composite of such Revolutionary War heroes as George Washington, John Hancock, Sam Adams, Paul Revere, etc..  Candidate B is Adolf Hitler.”

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