No offense to my Red Indian friends, but I love Turkey Day with family and all that, and I hope all of yall have a good one too.

And I guess you can consider this the rerererere-launch of Stress the blog, and the site altogether. We’ve got the last of the bugs out of the way, so coming soon will be a new front page, a bookstore, stickers, and all kinds of whoknowswhat.

Check out the new article archive: That’s all of ’em.

Also the RSS for the whole show archives is now fixed. So I don’t want to hear any more shit about that.

And I swear this time I mean it. I’m staying here, and off of Facebook.

Hmm. … Should I have Dave embed the chatroom here on Stress, say, over there on the right somewhere, or just leave it where it is?

Bob Bogus… Where are you…?

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