Had Enough? I Guess Not.

by | May 15, 2006 | Stress Blog | 6 comments

There was a bunch of crap on the Austin, Texas (virtual) ballot Saturday.

Proposition 1 proposed that every bit of city business be made public – including all the council’s dealings with contractors and lobbyists and the results of investigations by the citizen’s police oversite board, whose job it currently is to investigate police crimes and do nothing in secret.

The editor of the Texas Monthly sent me some flyer in the mail warning me that Prop 1’s enforcement would waste money badly needed by the police and other city employees. I was convinced. It’s the only one I voted for.

Stupid ass Austinites voted it down by 63% (last I checked).

They also voted down Commie prop 2 to spend bond money to buy land for “environmental purposes” that they would have turned around to sell to their friends at half price anyway. That was nice.

The majority approved everything else: increased medical benifits for roommates of city employees, longer terms for judges, money for this, that and every other goddamn thing too.

They also re-elected all the bastards who are going to force us all to have transponders in our trucks to pay the tolls for roads our taxes already paid for.

What does it take? Experience sure doesn’t do it.

More State Please! I haven’t had nearly enough yet. Thanks.

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