Got Bulemia?

by | Jun 4, 2006 | Stress Blog | 6 comments

Bob Dreyfuss’s blog ought to get you going. He quotes from the LA Times:

“‘Her Brains Splattering on His Boots”

An account from Haditha by a Marine photographer who is the first to speak out:

“[H]is worst moment, and one that haunts him to this day, was picking up the body of a young girl who was shot in the head.”‘I held her out like this, he said, demonstrating with his arms extended, ‘but her head was bobbing up and down and the insides fell on my legs.’

“As he spoke, his mother, Susie Briones, 40, a Hanford community college teacher, who was sitting beside him at the kitchen table, silently wiped away tears.

“Earlier she confided to a reporter that her son called frequently from Iraq after he experienced nightmares over the little girl.

“‘He called me many times,’ she said, ‘about carrying this little girl in his hands and her brains splattering on his boots. He’d say, ‘Mom, I can’t clean my boots. I can’t clean my boots. I see her.'”

And the government of the United States continues to give aid and comfort to the enemy while destroying the soldiers that Michael Badnarik needs to kill migrant workers.

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