Go Ron, Go!

by | Dec 16, 2007 | Stress Blog | 8 comments

Attention all true American Sons of Liberty: Today is your day.

Update: Looks like almost half a million dollars raised in the first hour.

Update: 12:12 AM Central time: $12,000,000 goal for this quarter has been reached.

Update: 12:27: If Ron keeps raising 75,000 dollars every 15 minutes like this, that would be… well, a lot.

Update: 11:40 AM Central: 2.457 Million Dollars!

I gave my hundred. How about ya’ll?

Update: 7:17 PM Central: I went to the Ron Paul rally at the Texas capital and was blown away. You guys should have seen it. I guessed about 1,000 people and then found this message from Austin MeetUp leader Paul Davis in my email:

“From the mouth of one of the officers who specializes in crowd control, we had at least *1000* today!

Whatever it was, it was AMAZING! I can’t wait to see the video footage.

Congratulations, Austin! As always, we represented very well.

Strength through Unity,


By my math, he’s at $4.77 million for the day so far…

Kick down ya’ll!

Update: Okay this ain’t official or nothing, but by my math Ron Paul Revolutionaries today donated $6.4 million today!

Congratulations everyone and thank you.

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