Give Obama a Chance

by | Nov 15, 2008 | Stress Blog | 10 comments

That’s what they keep telling me. Something snapped. I got pissed. I came up with this:

I cannot for the life of me wrap my mind around the “Obama is anything less than the worst criminal in the world” point of view I keep seeing represented among real people – even my friends.

It must be all the TV.

Barack Obama is the little bitch of Goldman Sachs which just perpetrated the greatest heist in the history of the entire world. He says a trillion dollars worth of bailouts and purchases of major financial institutions by the U.S. government is a “good start.”

President Elect-Obama has voted for the wars every single chance he’s had since joining the Imperial Senate.

He vows to intervene in Sudan (the dumbest idea since millions fell for the one-syllable, one word slogan “Change”), has vowed to increase the size of the Army by 30,000 (most of whom will probably be National Service conscripts), send two more divisions to Afghanistan to murder people with, he openly threatens the nuclear weapons states of Pakistan and Russia – the latter of which still holds thousands of H-Bombs – and he calls their defense of South Ossetia “unprovoked aggression” (another pure lie).

He’s made the “essentially Israeli,” warmongering, lying piece of crap, Rahm Emanuel, his chief of staff, the author of the PATRIOT Act, Joe “Invade Everyone” Biden, his vice president and Hillary “Obliterate Iran” Clinton his secretary of state. He lied outright and voted for the evil, immunity granting, FISA amendments bill after promising to filibuster and kill any such law.

Obama openly complains that the Bill of Rights restrains the government from doing things “on your behalf” (to you), HE LITERALLY HAS HIS SMITHERSES RIGHT NOW TELLING THE PAPERS THAT HE IS GOING TO CONTINUE LETTING THE CIA TORTURE PEOPLE despite all his promises on the campaign trail, and you’re telling me to give him a chance?!

Fuck that. Fuck Hope. And Fuck Barack Obama.

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