GI Joe now stands for Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity

by | Oct 30, 2007 | Stress Blog | 4 comments

I saw this on IMDB today.

Concerned about the current negative image of the American military in many countries, Paramount Pictures and Hasbro, the toy manufacturer, have decided that in their forthcoming film featuring comic-book patriot G.I. Joe, the character will become part of a multinational force, the London Daily Telegraph reported today (Tuesday). Even the character’s name has become an acronym for Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity, the newspaper said. Word of the makeover is likely to anger U.S. conservatives, the Telegraph noted.

So Joe is still a murderer and a terrorist, but now he’s under the command of a UN type-of-thing … wait. What the hell does that mean? Global Integrated what? It sounds like a prosthetic limb. It sure doesn’t sound like any organization I’ve ever heard of. Who’s this guy supposed to be murdering anyway?

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