Federal Prosecutor Tries to Kill Himself After Arrest in Pedophile Case

by | Sep 21, 2007 | Stress Blog | 7 comments

Federal Prosecutor John David Roy Atchison travels across the country in an attempt to rape a 5 year old girl, attempts, fails to hang self to death.

I don’t say “allegedly” because he is a government employee and so is rightfully presumed guilty of being a child rapist and should have no more chance to defend himself from the charges as the kid he thought he was going to have the chance to rape would have had.

He bragged to the cops setting him up — court papers claim to have an electronic record — that he’s raped children “plenty” of times.

Since it is widely agreed inside the Justice Department that there is no law that binds their power over the lives of the American people, I say finish the hanging that the coward failed to complete on his own tomorrow at noon on TV.

(I bet this story gets less than one millionth the coverage that the NASA “kidnapping” case gets.)

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