EFPs are Made in Iraq by Iraqis, Those Who Blame Iran are Liars

by | Aug 12, 2007 | Stress Blog | 6 comments

Okay folks, this one’s simple: Among Shia in Iraq, the U.S. backs the same folks as the Iranians do: The Da’wa Party and the Supreme Islamic Council.

The Shi’ites who are fighting our guys are nationalists, down with the Sunni Arab nationalists (to some degree) and opposed to Iran.

Well Michael R. Gordon of the New York Times keeps pushing — while providing no evidence — the Vice-President’s propaganda line that the new, improved EFP bombs must be coming from Iran.

For those who listen to Antiwar Radio, you know I refute this lie every single day, citing CSM and Reuters’ reports that an EFP factory was found in Iraq in April by troops during ‘Operation Black Eagle,’ according to Army Spokesman Lt. Col Scott Bleichwehl.

Journalist Gareth Porter, whom I often interview, has written extensively on this matter.

Andrew Cockburn took an axe to their lies in this one for the Los Angeles Times back in February, this NBC News story and this Wired article, also from February, cast much doubt as to the alleged Iranian origin of the bombs, this New York Times story by Allisa J. Rubin discusses the discovery of an EFP factory in Iraq (Shhhh! Don’t tell whoever is in charge of editing Michael R. Gordon’s work!) and even the Wall Street Journal has told the truth about these lies.

And so why is this such a big deal?

Well, because Dick Cheney is trying to start a war with Iran and since the president has admitted that Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program, the War Party has had to switch gears. Now the excuse for bombing Iran is that they are bombing our guys in Iraq.

The proof? Well it’s right there — even — in the New York Times.

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