Dr. Ron Paul on Meet the Press in the Morning

by | Dec 22, 2007 | Stress Blog | 11 comments

I’m told that Tim “If You Say So, Mr. Cheney” Russert has already told the weekday morning show crowd that he’s researched Paul and decided the doctor, 10-term congressman, economist and 4th quarter fund raising leader of presidential candidates of both parties is “crazy” and that his positions are “crazy.” Russert supposedly made it clear that the “interview” Sunday morning was going straight to the smears.

You better look out, Tim. Those who attack Paul invariably end up looking like the bad guy/jackass. Not that you have far to sink at this point…

Update: Ostrowski’s already seen it on the East Coast there and says Ron did great… Starts in 3 minutes.

Update: Dr. Paul is ruling so far…

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