Don’t Sue Me

by | Aug 24, 2007 | Stress Blog | 2 comments

Well, I rarely say who’s what and I’ve been asked a few times for the playlist I use on the show, so here’s some of it at least in no particular order:

Public Enemy: Show ‘Em Whatcha Got, Yo, Bumrush the Show, Rightstarter, Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos, War at 33 1/3, How to Kill a Radio Consultant, Who Stole the Soul?, Get Your Shit Together…

Descendents: Coolidge, Rotting Out, Statue of Liberty, Sour Grapes

Motorhead: Die You Bastard, Road Crew, No Class, Brave New World, Orgasmatron, Dead Men Tell No Tales

Turbonegro: Armed and Fairly Well Equipped

Beastie Boys: Rootdown, Ricky’s Theme, Whatcha Want?, You Catch a Bad One

Primus: Pressman, The Thing That Should Not Be (Metallica cover), Have a Cigar (Pink Floyd cover), Electric Uncle Sam, John the Fisherman, Mr. Knowitall, Sgt. Baker, American Life

Black Star Brigade: Shots Rang Out in Texas

Iron Maiden: Wasted Years, Die With Your Boots On, Aces High, The Evil That Men Do, Powerslave

KRS-One (BDP): Step Into a World, Jack of Spades

LDV: I’d Rather Skate

Agent Orange: No Such Thing

Cathedral: Phoenix Rising

Operation Ivy: Take Warning, Yelling in My Ear, Sound System

Rage Against The Machine: Tire Me

Fear: Bomb the Russians, Foreign Policy, Public Hangings, I Don’t Care About You, We Gotta Get Outta This Place (I don’t know who cover), Let’s Have a War

Circle Jerks: Back Up Against the Wall, Killing for Jesus, Coup de Tat

Suicidal: Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right, Suicidal Failure, Join the Army

MDC: Walking On Thin Ice

Dresden 45: Swiss Bank Account

Wasted Youth: Fuck Authority

Knocked Out Stiffs: Attitude, Empty Pools Rule, No Love, Same Old Thing

Sabbath: Snowblind, The Wizard

Social D: Atom Bomb

Biz Markee: Just a Friend

The Pharcyde: Back in the Day, 4 Better or 4 Worse

Mojo Nixon: Pirate Radio

Poison Idea: Thing Called Progress, Legalize Freedom

Goodie Mob: I Didn’t Ask to Come, Soul Food, Thought Process

Black Flag: My War, Nervous Breakdown

SLF: Suspect Device, At the Edge

Mobb Deep: Eye For an Eye

The Perceptionists: Memorial Day

No Use For A Name: Redemption Song (Bob Marley cover)

Slayer: Die by the Sword, Reign in Blood

High on Fire: Surrounded by Thieves, Baghdad, Nemesis, The Yeti

The Bruisers: Intimidation, Gates of Hell

Twisted Sister: Stay Hungry

Misfits: Attitude

Richard Cheese: War Ensemble (Slayer cover)

Thrillbilly: War Tune

Firehose: Brave Captain

World Burns to Death: Those Who Have Come to the End, Grim Task Ahead

Too Short: Life is Too Short, Short But Funky

Faction: Skate and Destroy

Ice Cube: Wrong Nigga To Fuck With

Team America: America, Fuck Yeah (Bummer Remix)

Digital Underground: Doowhatchalike

Judas Priest: Electric Eye, Breaking the Law

De la Soul: The Magic Number

Metallica: Am I Evil, Disposable Heroes, Battery, Metal Militia, No Remorse, Trapped Under Ice

NOFX: The Brews

Born Dead Icons: War

Minor Threat: Seeing Red, Salad Days

Mastadon: Elephant Man

Toots and the Maytals: Pressure Drop

Brewtality Inc.: Pressure Drop (Toots cover), Old School

Tom Thornhill: Empty Pools Rule (old school version), Ollien’ Fool

The Rotters: Please Don’t Send Me To The Delousing Showers

Bob Dylan: Masters of War, The Hurricane

Angry Samoans: Gas Chamber

Bill Murray: Star Wars

The Pogues: The Sunny Side of the Street

Silencer 7: When America Falls

Subhumans: From the Cradle to the Grave

Lupe Fiasco: Kick Push

Tenacious D: The Best Song in the World, Kyle Took a Bullet for Me

Reverend Horton Heat: Bales of Cocaine

Regan Youth: Degenerated, U.S.A.

Anthrax: Caught in a Mosh

Agony Column: God, Guns and Guts

Monty Python: Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

The Clash: Death or Glory

Dead Can Dance: Saltarello

Skeelo: I Wish

Jeez. I hope all the sucka MCs out there don’t start poaching my shit now.

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