Despicable Democrats

by | Dec 29, 2005 | Stress Blog | 4 comments

Oh, how I loathe the Democratic Party. How many times in reference to Iraq, torture, Plame’s name, the Military tapping our phones, etc. have I heard a Goddamn Democrat say, “Oh, boo hoo, the President’s bad policies are hurting the real war on terrorism.”

There is no real war on terrorism. The whole thing is a big lie. Though this may be pretty redundant to those who purposely read and think on a regular basis, if this war was ever to be legitimate at all, it would have been a war on al Qaeda in Afghanistan and the murder and/or capture of the top few ringleaders (which was about the entire group at the time) and been done before Christmas 2001.

Instead the entire political establishment in our greatest God-blessed state supported using September 11th as a pretext to expand our domination of the Middle East and Central Asia, splitting only on the question of whether efforts should be centered in the Stans or Iraq.

And they let bin Laden escape scot-free to serve as an excuse for more war later on.

As the Great Bill Hicks explained in the direct and honest language which was his forte, “All governments are liars and murderers.”

Perhaps the Democrats are worst of all as they are supposedly the opposition while leaving themselves in the position of accepting all the false premises of the administration, but lacking the guts to torture and kill enough to earn credentials as being “credible on national security.”

You want security? Stop meddling in the Middle East!

You want to be safe? Buy a gun.

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